Employee Benefits

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Group Life Options (Group Plans & Term-to-100)

Group Term-to-100 – Guaranteed Issue. Term rated coverage until age 100!

Group Life– Usually owned by the company and offers a death benefit while the insured is employed by whoever owns the group plan.

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Health Insurance Options (Traditional & Level)

Level Funding - Company “Owned” Health Plans for as little as 5 employees. Underwritten, Designable, Adjustable, & a possible refund instead of rate increase upon renewal.

Traditional Group Health – Company “rented” Health Plan for as little as 2 employees. Not underwritten upon application, average of 15-30% increase year over year.

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Tax Advantage Options (HAS/FSA/Section 125)

Cafeteria Plan (Section 125) – A cafeteria plan allows you to deduct your plan premiums directly from your paycheck BEFORE your taxes are.

Health Savings Account (HSA)/ Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - Tax-advantaged financial accounts set aside to pay for qualified expenses.

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Disability (Short & Long Term) – Provides a portion of your salary if you become unable to earn an income in your occupation.

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Indemnity Insurances (Indemnities & Gap)

Indemnity Insurance – Pays cash directly to the insured based upon specific health occurrences.

Gap Insurance – Helps to fill the out-of-pocket expenses caused by deductibles and co-pays.

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Dental/Vision – Reduces the cost of care at Dentists’ and Optometrists’ offices.

Legal – Gives you access to legal representation; affordable, full-service coverage.

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Bluebook/Healthiest You

Healthcare Bluebook – Helping you find the best providers at the best price in your area!

Healthiest You – An innovative solution that puts you, the consumer, in the center of your own health care; at your fingertips.

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